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Practical Stress Management

Practical Stress Management with relaxation techniques 

For some being under pressure is a great motivator.  It can invigorate us and charge our working day, making us meet deadlines and produce our best work.  However when the challenge engenders a sense of dread rather than excitement, this is a clear sign that pressure is tipping in to stress and this needs to be addressed.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to manage your own stress more effectively
  • Your organisation is experiencing change and you need staff to manage stress during the transition.

     What you will learn:

    The training considers the physiological and psychological effects of stress on an individual, and using self-analysis questionnaires, individual stress levels will be examined to identify behaviour modifications that can be developed to alleviate stress.

  • Effective stress management and relaxation techniques will be taught
  • Individuals will be encouraged to recognise what happens when they are under pressure and identify when personal stress levels are rising.
  • They will be helped to understand the causes of stress and its effects on performance and also to look at what they already do to manage stress.
  • Using creative visualisation and self-hypnosis techniques you will be empowered to manage stress to engender a sense of wellbeing
  • Practical advice about the importance of nutrition and sleep to provide the foundations for stress free living.
  • You will be taught to use simple physiological/NLP techniques to improve communication and reduce conflict


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