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Customer Care Skills

Customer Care Skills Training

Delivering faulty goods or a poor service can happen, but rarely is it a deal breaker.  What really gets people wound up is poor customer service and if you don’t agree then just have a look at your Twitter or Facebook feeds for 24 hours.  How many of the gripes are actually about the product?  Or do you agree that most complaints are about poor service, condescending service staff, advisors who don’t have sufficient product knowledge to ‘advise’, service people who say they will do something but fail to deliver or service staff who don’t have the authority to resolve the issue.

So if you think your staff don’t need customer care training think again! Can you really afford bad publicity or risk losing even a single customer for lack of customer care skills?

This course is ideal for you if

  • You need to win over hearts and minds so staff create the right impression first time every time.
  • You’ve never provided customer care skills training or provided training a number of years ago and your staff need reminding of the importance of customer care to your business.
  • You’ve recently had a customer complaint or lost work as a result of a misunderstanding with a client.

What you will learn

The customer care training day starts by asking your team what they think of when they think of good customer service and what it feels like when someone goes that extra mile for you.  And then they are asked to think about poor customer service – what happened when customer service wasn’t so good and how did they feel afterwards?

Using this framework staff are shown how to

  • Work on building customer loyalty
  • Develop interpersonal skills to engage the customer and establish their needs
  • Develop and maintain good client relationships
  • Identify customer motivations concerns and issues
  • Engage customers to ensure customer retention
  • Build rapport with customers and create an atmosphere of trust
  • Respond to complaints and positive feedback to manage customer expectations


Finally the course will enable you to better understand the issues that are important to your customers by examining customer’s motivations and concerns.  Great customer care pays dividends from a repeat purchase to customer retention. This course will show you how to ensure customers have a positive attitude towards you and your organisation not only ensuring repeat business but also encouraging your customers to spread the word about you and your business. 

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