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Training offered by Brooks Jordan

providing professional training courses through-out the UK

Training on Conflict Resolution and much more

We provide training for groups of staff at your premises or for individuals on one of our open courses.

Personal Safety training courses:

  •  Personal Safety  for Lone Workers Delivered to staff – this programme concentrates on helping individuals identify risk and raise their personal safety awareness.  Can be provided as a half day or one day programme.  When provided to line managers – we concentrate on helping line managers identify lone worker risk to facilitate implementation of ‘in – house’ lone worker risk reduction strategies/policies.  Save money! tailor this programme by adding a ‘train the trainer’ module to the course and train your own staff in house.


  •  Combined Personal Safety and Conflict Resolution with Breakaway Skills This is a great cost effective choice if you are looking to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time.   Teaches very simple breakaway skills in conjunction with diffusion techniques – can be delivered with or without the personal safety element (half or one day).

Conflict Resolution training courses:

  • Conflict Management Training  Conflict in the workplace is one of the most commonly reported workplace issues, badly handled – challenging behaviour from colleagues can lead to a significant loss in productivity for the organisation and stress for all concerned.


  •  Dealing with Difficult Customers (Managing and Resolving Conflict)Concentrates on talking skills & diffusion techniques to manage customer conflict or challenging behaviour.  Delivered over half or one day.



  •  NHS National Syllabus on Conflict Resolution –  Designed by the NHS Counter Fraud & Security Management Service – this programme focuses on providing care sector staff with skills to deal with challenging behaviour from service users.


Safe Physical Inteventions & Disengaement/Breakaway Skills training:

  • Breakaway Skills TrainingDesigned for delivery to staff working in care homes, or in other high risk roles where the risk of physical assault is a possibility.


  •  Positive Handling and Physical Interventions training – Our Physical Intervention training is primarily aimed at mental health professionals (NHS and social services), staff working in hospital Accident & Emergency departments, care home staff dealing with service users with challenging behaviour and to door supervisors working in the security sector. Delivered over 2 days for new staff or one day as refresher training.


  •  Physical Intervention Training for Door Supervisors  For door staff who obtained a licence prior to the introduction of the new 2010 qualification who need to complete an SIA approved level 2 award in Physical Intervention training before renewing their SIA badge

Legislation Issues:

  •   Equality & Diversity To be effective equality and diversity training needs to raise awareness and to help individuals develop reflective thinking, empathy, sensitivity towards the needs of others and a desire to be fair. If your aim is to change hearts and minds this training is for you.

Customer Care Programmes:

  • Customer Care Skills Looks at great and not so great customer service practices.  The training focuses on getting individuals to reflect on the effect they have on the organisation when they get it wrong and also to work out how improvments can be made.   This highly interactive training is also a great way to team build!
  •  Managing Telephone Aggression  – Deals with the specific issues around using a phone and in particular aggression that some customers exhibit as a result of there being no face to face contact.

Health & Safety Programmes:

  •  Practical Stress Management  with relaxation techniques     For some being under pressure is a great motivator.  It can invigorate us and charge our working day, making us meet deadlines and produce our best work.  However when the challenge engenders a sense of dread rather than excitement, this is a clear sign that pressure is tipping in to stress which needs to be addressed.


Brooks Jordan offers a wide range of both accredited and non-accredited courses, and we’ll help you decide which is the best fit for your needs.  Use the navigation above to find the course that’s closest to what you’re looking for, and then call us on 01623 407 793, or email us here.


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