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Training for Enforcement Staff

Personal Safety & Conflict Resolution training for enforcement staff

Personal Safety & Conflict Resolution course for enforcement staff

Personal Safety & Conflict Management Training for Enforcement staff

This course is ideal for employees working in local authority law enforcement

In just one day you will learn about:

  • The importance of verbal & non verbal communication and observe and practice techniques
  • The Health & Safety Executives definition of workplace violence
  • The law in relation to the use of force & self-defence
  • Dynamic/rolling risk assessments
  • How to carry out your duties in safety whilst conducting high risk tasks


The course is specifically tailored to meet the needs of local authority staff who have to deal with highly charged situations on a regular basis; e.g serving legal documents, defendant interviews, carrying out inspections etc.  Which means that you can be confident the material is relevant, up to date and being taught by trainers who have direct experience of enforcement work  themselves.

Excellent course identifying many aspects of Personal Safety, geared towards enforcement staff and presented by trainers who themselves have had many years of enforcement experience. The practical session was excellent. This course is suitable for any member of NYCC especially staff who have to meet members of the public.”

Lawrence Black, North Yorkshire County Council Trading Standards Special Investigations Unit

This course has received professional accreditation to BTEC level 5 through the National Association of Licensing Officers professional body (NALEO) and Edexcel.  Both the Personal Safety course and the Conflict Resolution course now form part of their national qualification.

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