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NHS Conflict Resolution Training (Protect 2013 National Syllabus)

NHS National Syllabus (Protect 2013) training course

NHS National  Protect Syllabus Conflict Resolution trainingNHS Managing Conflict (Protect 2013) training course

Brooks Jordan NHS training: The primary choice for the caring profession:

This course is for you if;

You work within the NHS and come faceface with patients or other members of the public

In  just one day you will learn to:

  • Recognise different types of conflict that may be encountered
  • The importance of “Emotional fitness” when dealing with conflict
  • Identify the associated risks
  • Understand and be able to use different methods of resolving such conflicts
  • Successfully defuse situations before they become violent
  • Justify any action taken within a legal, moral and ethical framework.

Course Overview

NHS Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management training is now mandatory within the NHS and a National Syllabus/Protect 2013 has been developed for trainers to follow.  All Brooks Jordan Conflict Resolution trainers have attended the NHS Security Management training and have received the relevant certification enabling them to deliver this Syllabus to health care professionals. This syllabus will provide medical staff with the skills they need to effectively manage and resolve conflict situations that sometimes arise with patients and service users.  Delegates are also taught to identify risk at an early stage so that confrontation and aggression can be avoided and the situation defused.  The course content focuses on communication skills and how to observe and interpret body language and behaviour.

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