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Corporate Self-Defence

               Corporate Self-Defence and Personal Safety Training

What you will learn in just one day:

What the law allows you to do and what you need to know to protect yourself physically and legally under current UK law.

Including Conflict Resolution & Breakaway Skills

Why some people becomes victims of violence/crime whilst other do not (Identifying the victim state).

How to be your own “bodyguard” though enhancing your knowledge/awareness skills enabling you to avoid potential danger.

Delegates will also be taught how to utilise the physical psychomotor skills they already possess and adapt these to deal with any physical encounter/attack.

This training is fun and can be a great team building experience for staff

The day’s syllabus will include the following:

  • The Law in relation to self-defence, the use of force and the individual’s right to use force for personal protection and the protection of others.
  • Personal Safety, awareness skills, recognising aggressive body language.
  • Travel Safety e.g. executive travel, travelling by car, car jacking, travelling by public transport, air travel and travelling abroad.
  • Weapon awareness identifying concealed/improvised weapons.
  • Utilising alarms for Personal Safety.
  • How to maintain a “Personal Safety Zone” whilst managing conflict.
  • Managing the reaction gap and the use of functional/active hands during potential conflict.
  • Strategies used for diffusing and managing conflict.
  • Disengagement and escape tactics.
  • Safe and effective breakaway skills.
  • Practical effective self-defence techniques.

This list is not exhaustive and other elements may be included to address any issues arising during the training

The training will be provided by trainers possessing the following experience/qualifications:

  • Over 20 year’s experience of UK law enforcement.
  • Martial Arts Black Belt (TAGB).
  • Qualified Personal Safety & Self-Defence instructor (BJA).
  • City & Guilds Security level 3 Conflict Management qualification.
  • PTLLS teaching qualification.
  • Edexcel BTEC level 3 award in Physical Interventions for the private security industry (for the delivery of Skills for the Security/Maybo Safer Physical Interventions SIA approved licensed programme).

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